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하루 한 우물만 (10-19)

: characterized by or given to extreme optimism, esp. in the face of unrelieved hardship or adversity.
지나치게 낙천적인
*볼테르의 "Candid" 중 Pangloss 교사의 낙천적인 성격에서 유래

Daum 사전
Naver 사전
예문/표현 검색
오늘 오신 손님: 5명
어제 오신 손님: 6명
모두 합쳐서: 72965명

Second to none

: 어느 것[누구]에도 뒤지지 않는
He has no equal[rival].
*He is peerless.
*He is second to none.
(그에 필적할 만한 자가 없다.)

test the waters

: 탐색해 보다
사람들의 반응을 조심스럽게 살피다
ex) Test the waters by trying a new fashion item you would never have considered wearing every few months or so.


: 반대할 만한, 미풍양속을 해치는,
Such persecution is objectionable and should be disavowed by the international community.
그런 박해는 국제사회가 반대하고 거부해야 마땅하다.


주지사의, 지방 장관의
예) If signs of North Korean involvement emerge, a weak reaction on Mr. Lee’s part could undermine his credentials among his conservative support base ahead of June mayoral and gubernatorial elections.
*Gubernatorial election: 지방선거
*Gubernatorial campaign
: 지방선거운동
*Gubernatorial appointment
: 비방관직


: cesarean section, C-section
예) In spite of its risk for complications, nearly half of all births in China are currently delivered by cesarean section.
(제왕절개로 인한 합병증 위험에도 불구하고, 현재 중국 산모들 중 거의 절반 정도는 제왕절개를 통해 출산을 하고 있는 실정이다.)

그는 세 게임을 연달아 이겼다.
He's won three games in a row.
He's won three games straight.
He's won three games back to back.
He's won three games on end.
He's won three games running.
He's won three straight games.
불난 집에 부채질하다.
: To add fuel to the fire
비슷한 표현:
to make matters worse
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