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하루 한 우물만 (10-19)

: characterized by or given to extreme optimism, esp. in the face of unrelieved hardship or adversity.
지나치게 낙천적인
*볼테르의 "Candid" 중 Pangloss 교사의 낙천적인 성격에서 유래

Daum 사전
Naver 사전
예문/표현 검색
오늘 오신 손님: 5명
어제 오신 손님: 6명
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You are such a wet blanket!

너 분위기 깨는구나!

The life of the party

분위기 메이커^^

I can't make heads or tails of this.
난 잘 모르겠어.

I don't get it. 

I can't figure it out whether it is a head or a tail.
A rolling stone gathers no moss.
(우물을 파도 한 우물을 파라!)

한 가지 일에만 집중하여 끝내라.

*The Rolling Stones 라는 락벤드도 있습니다.
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오늘도 열심히 상쾌한 하루를 살아보세!
1. securities
stocks, shares, bones or other certificates

2. get together
to meet each other
ex) Shall we get together on Friday?
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오늘도 열심히 상쾌한 하루를 살아보세!

1. refrain from
not do something
ex)If players are in the middle of a performance, please refrain from entering the auditorium.

2. I'm taking mental notes.
마음 속으로 적고 있어.
A: Take a note in case you forget what I'm saying.
B: Don't worry. I'm takin gmental notes.^^

3. It's up to God.
(old Eng.)I'm on God's good humor.
모든게 신에 달렸어요.
앞으로는 어떻게 되겠죠.

4. scheme
-A scheme is a plan or arrangement involving many people which is made by a government or other organization.[ mainly BRIT ]
ex) a private pension scheme. 개인 연금 계획
ex) Their scheme of building the road has failed.
-일람표, 분류표
ex) the scheme of color 색깔의 배합

5. in response to
…에 응하여, …에 답하여

6. outstanding
(1)엄청난, 뛰어난
ex) outstanding skills
(2)미해결의, 미지불 상태의
(ex) outstanding balance(remainder) 현금 잔고

7. place an order

8. be subject to
서류첩, 손가방,
(2) In finance, a portfolio is the combination of shares or other investments that a particular person or company has. 유가증권
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1. wear

(wear, bear) have on one's person
ㆍHe wore a red ribbon.
ㆍbear a scar

have in one's aspect, wear an expression of one's attitude or personality
ㆍHe always wears a smile.
ㆍMother wore a stern expression on her face.

have or show an appearance of
ㆍHe's wearing whiskers.

(wear, wear off, wear out, wear thin) deteriorate through use or stress
ㆍThe constant friction wore out the cloth

2. reprimand
If someone is reprimanded, they are spoken to angrily or seriously for doing something wrong, usually by a person in authority.
syn. reproach
ㆍThe captain reprimanded the sentry for deserting his post.
(대장은 보초가 정위치를 이탈한 것을 질책했다.)

3. presume to
dare to
I would never presume to discuss business with you.
=I would nver dare to discuss business with you.

4. assume  & presume
-assume (almost the same meaning of assure)
If you assume that something is the case, you are 'fairly' sure that it is the case, and act as if it were the case.
ㆍWhen you have a language degree, people assume that you speak the language fluently.

-presume (almost the same meaning of suppose)
If you presume that something is the case, you think it is 'probably' the case.
ㆍI presume that you are right.
   (네 말이 옳겠다.)

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1. Porcelain
Porcelain is a hard, shiny substance make by heating clay. It is used to make delicate cups, plates, and ornaments. (=china) 자기(磁器)
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